Therapy in English - Dr. Wolfgang Paetzold, Psychiater und Psychotherapeut, Hamburg

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Are you interested in therapy with a psychotherapist who is fluent in English?

Are you a native English speaker with German health insurance?

If so, I can offer you supportive psychotherapy in English. We can arrange a diagnostic appointment in which I can recommend what kind of psychotherapy may be fitting for you.

Please remind that this offer only is suitable for native English speakers.

Feel free to call with any questions, or to make an appointment.

I offer this supportive psychotherapy for cases of current psychological conflicts without self-harming behaviors (e.g. alcoholism and drug abuse).

This mode of therapy is not appropiate for clients for  some specific conditions, especially chronic, long-term mental disorders. In such cases, a longer period of therapy is called for, and insurance companies require a specialized report, one that is prepared with therapeutic techniques that require a very good understanding of unconscious connotations and processes.

In these cases - from my pount of view - a nativ-speaking therapist, or another kind of therapy, e.g. behavioral therapy, is needed.


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